Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We promise to make your reading lenses according to your specifications and fabricate them in Canada at our laboratory. Because it is made to order we can’t offer refunds. This policy keeps prices low and quality high.



Since we are making these custom reading glasses just for you, we are unable to sell them to someone else if you change your mind. If you decide you want a different option or coating, we must remake the entire pair of lenses from scratch. Therefore, we cannot accept returns. If the lenses match the prescription and specifications, we received from you and they are edged correctly, you should love them.



If we did anything incorrectly, we will happily re-make your lenses to the specs you provided us. You have 30 days from the day you receive your new lenses to notify us if anything is wrong. If it was our mistake, we will happily pay for shipping back to our lab and re-make your lenses free of charge.