About Us

Cristall Opticians has become a leader in personalized service, selection and quality eyewear. Cristall Opticians Online is an extension of our 40-year-old bricks and mortar flagship store at the corner of Bay and Bloor in Toronto. All our prescription lenses are made to order in CANADA by highly skilled technicians and every single pair is inspected by opticians for quality, clarity, and precision optics. “Our decision to delve into the ecommerce marketplace was made, not to conquer the online world, but to provide an extension of the exceptional service and product that we already provide” says owner, Alison Adler. While I like shopping online, I also want to know there are real people with real skill driving my experience. I feel we have achieved that balance with new website.” In this new era of Covid-19, this has become critical, in order for us to be relevant and resilient in the new normal.


At Cristall Opticians Toronto, we believe in fabulous eyeglasses, branded guaranteed contact lenses, exceptional quality, and outstanding customer service. We have tried to blend our bricks and mortar philosophy with our online presence. We think we have struck a perfect balance.


We search the world for the most exceptional eyewear that is independent in spirit and origin. Looking for new product that is ahead of the trends without sacrificing quality, value, or selection. What ever your preference or budget, we have you covered!

Why our store is Gender Neutral. Over the years we have realized that there is a fluidity between frames beyond their style and color. To say that a frame is for a specific gender to limit a person’s choices. For us that is a good enough reason to never box anyone in. Filter by shape, color, size, or material but never by a person’s identity.
“Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you. “
P. C. Cast /Author


We promise to make your custom prescription eyewear according to your specifications and fabricate them in Canada at our laboratory. Because it is made-to-order, we cannot offer refunds. This policy keeps prices low and quality high. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions.


Since we are making this custom prescription eyewear just for you, we are unable to sell them to someone else if you change your mind. If you decide you want a different option or coating, we must remake the entire pair of lenses from scratch. Therefore, we cannot accept returns. If the lenses match the prescription and specifications we received from you and they are edged correctly, you should love them. If you are unsure of what would best suit your prescription or face, contact us. We are available through our virtual consultant, email, and telephone. Remember, there are real opticians that can answer all your questions. Ask your questions before you order!


If we did anything incorrectly, we will happily remake your lenses to the specifications you provided us. You have 30 days from the day you receive your new lenses to notify us if anything is wrong. If it was our mistake, we will happily pay for shipping back to our lab and re-make your lenses free of charge.